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Why Use a Trust?

1. Confidentiality and Asset Protection

A Trust and International Business Company (IBC) will provide you with a level of confidentiality in relation to the ownership of your assets. If you were, for example, to own a property through a company, the public property register would list the name of the company but not the name of the company's shareholders. Similarly, you may prefer to hold a substantial stake in an international company, or a start-up company, via a holding company so as to maintain your anonymity.

2. Limited Liability

Various types of assets and investments, such as high -risk securities, investments into a start- up company with a high rate of failure, or the ownership of aircraft or yachts, are associated with specific risks and therefore investing directly into them means that you are personally liable for debt or damages incurred to a third party through your participation in that investment.

As a shareholder of a limited liability company, you are not personally responsible for the company's obligations and usually, you cannot lose more than the value of your shares if the company incurs debts or becomes responsible for damages to third a party. If you choose to hold assets in a Trust, the ownership and responsibility for debt or damage payments to third parties lies with the Trust Any payment will come from the funds provided to the Trust and not from your personal wealth.

3. Tax Migration and Tax Neutrality

In some countries, owning real estate or other assets in your own name can make you tax liable in that country although you may not be a resident. If you own real estate in the UK, for example, the real estate will be subject to UK inheritance tax upon your death. The solution to this is to own the real estate through a corporate or, in some cases, trust structure, which, as a non -individual owner of the asset cannot be subject to inheritance tax. Choosing the right jurisdiction to domicile the entity is important to reduce a potential tax liability.

The Bahamas is an internationally recognized financial jurisdiction where there is no income tax, capital gains, sales tax or inheritance tax. Corporations, individuals, trusts and estates all enjoy this tax immunity whether a resident or non-resident It is also a well -regulated financial centre with strictly enforced KYC and anti -money-laundering laws.

Confidentiality is legally insured and is imposed by statutory provisions regarding the affairs of clients, licensed banks and trust companies, with strict civil and criminal penalties for unlawful disclosure while maintaining the integrity of an established, international financial

5. Preserving Family Wealth

A trust is suited for preserving family wealth for current and future generations, as well as mitigating family owned assets upon the death of the settler. Establishing a trust will ensure that the family wealth or business is kept intact and growing, while at the same time, providing for the family of the settler. Alternatively, a trust or company can be used to plan for the handover of a business from the successful entrepreneur to his designated successor.