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Trustee Services The worldwide use of trusts is now well established. In common usage for centuries in Britain and countries that have legal systems derived from English law, there is now an increase awareness in many, both common law and some civil law, jurisdictions of the trust concept and its advantages. We facilitate the administration of structured discretionary trust vehicles to hold, manage and invest assets for the benefit of the settler. Trust structures are designed to satisfy many important client requirements which may include the following: Legitimately reduce or eliminate income tax, capital gains tax and estate/ inheritance tax liabilities Preserve the ownership of highly regarded assets such as family companies Provide simple, immediate succession in the event of death Maintain anonymity and discretion without complex estate and probate formalities Provide clear, structure ownership of an asset/assets by multiple investors Protect assets against third party claims, failed marriages and spendthrift heirs Be a sustainable, structured environment for charitable provision Manage liability where an activity or the ownership of an asset involves significant risk.

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